Beautiful, thoughtful, and artistic images

There's nothing more valuable than art, no story more important than your own. Our sessions and your photos are a fusion of art and story, connecting and documenting. A portrait you can hang on your wall that's a testament to that time, and a piece of art.

The intersection
of art and story

I make being photographed an experience, a place to connect, and leave you with artful memories. I capture the connections between people, and have been practicing photography for well over a decade.

I'm an artist, photography is my medium.

I’m here to tell your story in an artful and imaginative way. Through unique images, I’ll honour your truths and capture the best version of you.

The Artist, Chelsea

More than 10 years ago, I went on a trip to Tanzania. I grabbed a point and shoot and rekindled my passion for visual storytelling in Africa. After my trip, people started buying my photos. I continued to follow my heart and shot fine art photos of women dancing and movement in the human form. I posted these photos on Facebook and immediately booked five weddings. Realizing I could make a living practicing my art, I cut cords to any of my plan Bs. And I’m so happy I did – I’ve been the narrator for so many unique stories here in Saskatoon and all over the world ever since. The camera is an extension of myself, another limb that I use to document your reality and save it to stop the hands of time.

My work has been featured in Lemonade and Lenses, Lululemon, Wedding Bells and a living room wall near you. That last one is more important to me. I don’t believe in awards and competitions. I believe in telling your story in a way that matters to you, that moves others, and that sticks to your heart forever.

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