Artistic Photography

I'm an artist, photography is my medium. The images you get, the ones you hold onto for the rest of your life, they aren’t just stagnant pictures. These images are your life unfolding, moments that now get a life outside of you. I create timeless pieces of art crafted from your life’s real moments.

True to life editing

Your photos will reflect the essence of the moment. When you look at the colour of your dress, it will be the same colour of dress you pulled on the morning of your wedding. Your baby’s cheeks will have the same rouge. Your partner’s eyes will have the depth of colour you know and love. I take incredible care and time to edit your photos in a way that captures you, truly you. There are many filters that will make your photos look trendy today. I don’t use those. With me, you’ll receive photos that are a timeless and classic portrayal of what really happened and how it really looked.

Storytelling & Documenting Emotion

I’m here to tell your story in an artful and imaginative way. Through unique images, I’ll honour your truths and capture the best version of you. If I’m capturing your wedding day, you’ll be surprised to see the stories unfold around you that you weren’t able to be a part of — your mom smiling gleefully while you say I do, your friends tearing it up on the dance floor and your family feasting in your honour. Each moment adds to the book, each page important.

I live to create real, raw images focused on how you feel. The emotions are what create the moments. They’re what you want to remember, not just the details or the logistics. The feelings, the heart. The images you’ll get from me show what’s happening between people, the sense of warmth, the depth of a look, the impact of a moment. I’m not one to take stagnant, posed photographs. I’ll capture you vividly in-motion, so you can forever live in between the lines.

Experiential Photography

Our photoshoots are a place to connect with your partner, your family, yourself. Through my process, we’ll create and enhance connection, and that will be clear in your portraits. We focus a lot on the final product you get — which you’ll love — but just as important is the journey we take to get there. Art is in the process.

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